SkateSpots 应用的评论


Use every day!

This helps me every day. I am a pro skateboarder and it works properly.

dont get this

this app doesn't work, its not worth the money. barely any spots come up in my area, even though there should be plenty, and the spots that do show up have the wrong areas and addresses. DONT GET IT.

Spots don't show up

Spots that I posted aren't showing up at all. Spots that my friends post don't show up either. Also fix app to edit spots you posted and add more to the personal profile.

Post more

App works great y'all need to post more tho

Wasted money

I saw this on YouTube so I got it and when I hit near bye button it showed ones far away not even my westerwill or Powell skate park...

Needs more people posting more spots

The more the merrier

Needs work!

This is a great app! But it would be a lot more useful if the gps bugs could be fixed or make it so you can manually put in the correct location.... please fix cause I do like this and want to use it more.

Great app but needs updates

Love it but the GPS mapping is a bit buggy and so is the uploading. Crashes when I try to watch videos on other profiles and also I don't really understand how to "like" other skaters spots. Still a dope app to track all your spots and see where other people shred across different cities.

Good App

It's a great app but every time I try to watch a trick by someone else, the app crashes.


Perfect skate spot app for around LA and Vegas area! Find tons of great spots near you and share your spots with others


It gives you directions and it shows u really good spots that u couldn't find by yourself, it has skateparks and filters too.


So good. You find such good spots and I love how they give you directions☀️

Spots unclickable

Cant click spots to bring up details. Just lets me click spots on map and shows banner and thats it. Would be an amazing app...if it worked.

New update

The new update is bugging out and not showing nearby spots

It's cool

I really like it but more people need to post on it


This app always been unstable ever since I first got it like 2 years ago, so many updates but still unusable it's sad because I really like the idea if this app but what's the point if you keep even use it? It won't even let me log in like come on now. And even before this I was never able to upload a spot the app would always just quit on me. So all the spots has been the same since this app freaking opened. This app is a waste of space and time.

Great app but way too glitchy

I had this app on my old phone and it was wonderful, but now I can't even get past the login page without it crashing. Needs update

Great app

This is a good app, I love adding my own spots to the world and showing others what I've found.

Can't login

The app will not let me sign in, or create an account


Best app ever. Went on a skate field trip today ladies and gentleman.

Great concept, but soooo buggy

Cant upload profile picture, create spots, leave comments, or refresh the map. Hoping for a quick fix because the app would be extremely useful.


Sick app! Would be easier to look at the spots if you made a list view that you could scroll through.

Great app but has bugs

Amazing app for logging and sharing skate spots! *OFFLINE OPTION DOES NOT WORK* One issue I am having though is that when I write a comment more than like 15 words or whatever, the app doesn't show anything past a certain point and I don't know how to see the rest. Even when you click view all comments, I can't see the rest of the comment. Also the app doesn't seem to open at all when not connected to the Internet. I also highly suggest that you let users share spot lists publicly on their profile or even sell spot lists for download on their profile. Just an idea. Good luck, and whatever you do, don't take down this app it is awesome. App could use a lot of work to fix the bugs and things but I think it would be totally worth paying for if everything worked correctly.



Great app

I've been looking for a 3 stair and wasn't able to find one, this app showed me one 2 miles from my house and it showed me a ton more. You can get directions to the spots and you can bookmark them if you want to check them out later.

Can't login

Can't even sign up or login

Skate spots app

Will not let me sign in!!!

Can't get past login screen

Don't download this app

Problem w/ Update

I would rate it 5 stars, but I can't sign up or sign into my previous account. Please fix this soon, otherwise it was a good app.

Awesome app but...

I love this app it's great for finding skate spots I used it almost everytime I go skating. My only problem is that it's really buggy and slow and crashes. It's hard to add a spot because it just acts weird and also when I comment something but then delete it still showed that there's 1 comment on the spot. You should also add a video section where the tricks that people upload with their spots will show up in the videos section. Overall this is a decent app and would be 5 stars if it wasn't for the bugs.👍

Fix Login

You can't login, good idea but needs fixing

Good, but don't download until an update is available.

Like I said, good, but don't download until an update is available. The app is something fun to play with especially if you're open to new spots. Only thing is, it's constantly crashing and it has other bugs. If there's an update that could sustain it better, this thing would be butter

It doesn't even work!

I tried 5 different times to upload a single spot and it either crashes or tells me there is a location problem. It's a skate spots app!

Awesome app but buggy and awkward interface

The old, instagram-like layout would have gotten 5/5 stars, but now it feels awkward and hard to use. Should have easier/quicker navigation.


i can't sign in


Can't upload things get we ride

Pretty good but needs updates

Good app for sharing spots. It's a little buggy - menus and sleeting while typing... Love there are different icons for parks and spots. Would like to see addition for cruising and downhill spots.

No login

You can't sign in

Needs improvement

Wouldn't upload anything I tried to put up. Good idea, needs more work.

Global Skater

This is a great idea. However not completed. I had problems with my spot uploads. I originally got this just to upload and share spots along with skating them. I also got Shreddit which is the best. I also got onflow but it got me lost one time. Keep shredding everyone.


Pretty awesome app! I recommend it greatly.

It's ok. Let me explain.

The scrolling in this app is really bad. Sometimes it doesn't even respond to my touch. The bookmark button hardly works when I touch it. I have to touch it like 10 times for it to work, and even then it takes a few minutes to recognize that I even hit a button. Please fix this. It is annoying.


gnarly i can know find spots

Needs some work

I like the app, the design of it is so clean and flawless. But every time I try to add my own spot it never shows up. No matter how many times I try to upload it. Please fix this in the next update!!! (P.s I'm using an iPod touch 5th generation without the rear facing camera)

Does Not Encrypt Passwords

Stores passwords in plain text I know this because they send you an email with your username and password when you sign up. The app is pretty sweet. Awesome idea. ENCRYPT OUR PASSWORDS. Glad I didn't sign up using Facebook.

Needs Fixed

The app can take me to my location but it keeps error because it cannot load the skate spots, idk what's wrong with it but it won't let me see any spots


this is a great app but it cant let me take pictures so I can add a new spot dont know why this is happing but please fix it I have seen sick spots and i cant post them here

So sick

Can't get enough, awesome app and perfect to use in visiting cities

Love the update

On a future update can u make it so we can edit our bust level

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